How the legend performers and the champions win without competing?

The root word of competition comes from “competere” in latin, which means “to seek together”.

The word competition in its true meaning stand for “to work together” to improve each other- but NOT to “kill” each other. Unfortunately, a lot of people have misunderstood the meaning of “competition” and have confused the meaning of competing to being combative which is closer to the fittest of the survivals.

The true legends that dwarf and make a dent in their industry, goes beyond that plane and level of the average understanding of competition. They understand ultimately the old advice of Socrates

 “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not in fighting the old, but in building the new.”


A combative mind is focus on the ego and is limited.

On the other hand, the creative mind is in harmony with the bigger “you” and in flow with the natural state of the universe. Which is infinite and abundant.

As a quick reminder and related last week, we reviewed How to create a bigger impact by being decisive. It was very impactful you can read it here or if you prefer video you can watch it.

The great ones understand and adhere to the principle that life is always seeking greater, and fuller expression of itself.



To land the plane, the best example is the automobile industry history or creation from Henry Ford in the late 1800 early 1900’s. Henry Ford when asked said this: “if I had asked the customer what they wanted – they would have said a “faster” horse not the automobile.”

The insights of Henry Ford lie on this principle below according to R Buckminster Fuller.

You Never Change things by fighting the existing reality. To Change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

If Henry Ford didn’t think beyond the “competition”, his level playing field would have been let’s train faster horses. Instead he brought into existence something more reliable, faster than the horses.

Now whether in sport or business, any titans that we all admire have used this principle that I’m codifying here.

When you look at a Michael Jordan in Basketball in his prime or a Pele in Soccer, what made each of them outstanding is clearly their ability to create beyond themselves. They created at a different plane and a total new category that redefined the old paradigm in their field.

Amateur performers rest in the plane of “tic-tac” or fallacy definition of “competition”.

In other words, the number two imitate the number one and try to either do it faster, cheaper, or stronger. That’s an old model of the world.

That model might work, but IT is NOT effortless, and it has a price tag that is NOT optimal and can  for sure be improved.

Just to be nerdy a bit if you don’t mind- let’s look at the power of understanding higher models.

If you want to watch the full nuances you can see it in this channel.

In other words, for example if you were tasked to show people the fastest way to reach the number twenty-five (given that you have five set of numbers “5”).

Clearly you have many options.


A second grader would probably select all 5 set of the “5” and use addition like (five plus five plus five plus five plus five equals twenty 25 e.g. 5+5+5+5+5  equals 25).

A fifth grader that is familiar with a higher mathematical model could choose multiplication and choose just two sets of “5” to make it twenty-five e.g. 5*5 equals 25

A senior in High school could choose just one set of five. By using the mathematical operation power.

Five powers 2 equal 25… 5ⁿ or 5 square 2 equals

As you can see all three of them are correct in getting the same results, but obviously the high school student has a higher knowing and mastery of the models.

It is not different when it comes to human performance, solving problems, leadership or creating a new reality.

The old model of competition is what the average performers are familiar with-

It is based on scarcity and the Newtonian model of the world, which describes the principles of physics that most of us learn in high school- For every action there’s an equal reaction.

That law is true just like addition makes sense above.

So, what is the higher model here then?

It’s the quantum physics model of the world that Albert Einstein has developed.

The basis of that model is the duality of particles/matters and wave like pattern of our realities, where any three dimensions “reality” is abstract.

Yes, quantum physics teaches us that particles are pocket of probabilities or that an observation is a collapsed “probabilities” of a wave pattern like.

To keep it simple the maestro Albert Einstein says it in a plain English by his famous quote.

Albert Einstein “problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking than they were created at”.

The idea is that – everything is connected- for every action there is reaction but at the same time it’s all one; that understanding make you aware that it’s NOT a “fight” one against the other but rather all in one. That level of understanding makes one realized that in the end if you are not aware, you might be fighting yourself.

Why is that relevant?

It matters because what that mean is that it’s all about transformation and at the same time conservation of energy.

That’s what quantum physics brings to the table, that conservation of the energy systems (E=MC2), is really a statement that it’s all about transformation because everything is connected.


That’s the exciting news with quantum physics if one grasp it- we’re not separated, we’re all connected. Which means it’s all about learning how to transform.

In fact, that’s why I love Judo (the martial art I have done for so many years). It’s called the gentle way because it applies this principle of minimum effort for maximum yield (I have discussed that principle amply here in the past in this post).

It’s all about transforming that energy. For example, if someone pushes in Judo, you don’t push back, you use that as leverage, and same idea when someone pull you, you follow through and utilize that energy.

Now you probably might say enough, that you get it and how to do it?

Here are three easy steps on how to do it.

Step 1: Understand and study your field, your industry. Meaning what are the trends? What can you anticipate.

Step2: You need to know what is your unique genius? What is your X -factor?

Step3: You need to elevate your level of thinking- this is where the transformation happens.

For example, in Soccer- Lionel Messi- who is right now one the best player of his generation how can he elevate his thinking?

Level 1- Messi can think of his immediate goal which is to score goals for Barcelona so he can make his salary goals. That level of thinking will yield a level one performance.

Level 2- Messi can think of his performance as if he was scoring for the Barcelona fans. And winning for their fans. That level of thinking will yield a level two performance. Obviously, it’s going drive Messi to go beyond himself and his personal constraint.

Level 3– Messi can think of his performance as if he was performing to motivate more people to be soccer fans and soccer lover. That level of thinking will yield a level three performance. Obviously, it’s going drive Messi to go beyond even more.

Level 4-Messi can think of his performance as if he was performing to inspire anybody watching him play to be their very best and inspire excellence in their arts and in their crafts.

That level of thinking will yield a level four performance. Obviously, it’s going drive Messi to go beyond even further.

As you can see all these four levels are example about the same performer who is thinking at different levels.

What is clear the power generated by Messi at level 1 is NOT the same as the level 4 of Messi.

That’s the big secret that legends performers or icon perform at; some of them without knowing about it as it was part of their “standards”.

When you think at that level, the only outcome is creation, because you are connected to the field, to something bigger than yourself on top of using your unique genius.

This is how champions are trailblazing their fields.

This is how they become Number one in their fields without “competing”, as they are really creating for the greater good.

Then if you want to win and have a team, foster an environment where people can freely create.

If you are sole provider create that environment within yourself by following these three steps.

Do not forget, the highest form of competition is Creation.

Check the video here.

Please comment below on what are your thoughts ?

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If there’s one thing that separate the world class in any field from average performers is their impact, productivity and results.

As we reviewed last week, legend performers demonstrate more courage. Their courage is the foundation for their actions which yield results. You can see it here in video or in the blog here.


The foundation of their courage is found in the clarity they have forged and developed over time.

One of my most favorite quote from Winston Churchill is the following “Courage is the greatest virtues because it guarantees the others.”

Now, the most important element that ignite courage is what we’re going to discuss here.

Courage if not ignited becomes merely “false” pride.

What ignites courage is Decisiveness.

Decisiveness is what separates the weak leaders, players from the strongest ones in any field.

Decision comes from Latin decidere, literally, to cut off, from de- + caedere to cut.

What are you cutting yourself from when you decide?

You are putting to bed, “other options” versus THE option that you have chosen.

If you are like me, you probably like to keep your options open, so that you can take advantage of as many opportunities that exist out there.

The feeling of being “constricted” can be scary especially when you have a high performer identity and feel that you have many aptitudes.

In fact, one of my favorite quote from Bruce Lee is “having No limitation, as your limitation”.

So how do world class differentiate and tap into the power of being decisive?

We will answer this question throughout the next points below.


What is important to notice are the three core mistakes that the mediocre ones make when it comes to deciding.

The biggest mistake they make is this-

They play, or they lead from the position to NOT “loose”. The mediocre players play NOT to lose.

In a way their entire strategy is merely defensive, scarcity based, fear driven- their vision is restricted to a minimalistic view of the opportunities and what’s possible.

That strategy clearly is an underlining lack of confidence and courage. It’s playing small.

There’s a huge distinction I want to make, whether you are defensive player or not.

The reality is, if you play to win, you know that you need to mix and match both, by being offensive and defensive.

The bottom line is that if you play NOT to lose, you are already throwing the towel about what is possible for you and your dream.

People that are playing to win, have a vision and have ambitions.

Now the second mistake that the average performers make is they worry about how they will be perceived if their decision wasn’t right- they worry about what people will think of them.

They get frozen by analysis paralysis.

While the world class know that mistake will be made, but here’s their biggest secret-

They know that mistake will be made, but they are assuming full responsibility of their decisions outcome. That ownership mentality is the hidden secret of world class.

They know, either they win either they learn- regardless they are winning in both cases- That’s the champions’ point of view.

The third mistake that the mediocre performers fail to grasp is that “not making a decision, is making a decision”.

Are you aware of the decision you are NOT making?

Are you aware of the options you are not letting go, but that you know you should let go?

Why is that important?

When you let go, you create more room for the new opportunities that you can welcome. 

This is how world class are decisive. their foundation is courage and clarity.

As discussed last week, with courage, they can step into their why, and with clarity they get connected to what matters to them.

The world class look in into what they want the most.

With clarity you know what your priorities are. You know what matters to you.

With courage, you know why it matters to you.

Now with these two as a foundation, you can build on. The video here give a great perspective.

Now let’s be practical. The great news is that decisiveness is something that can be exercised, practiced and improved.

Exercise 1


Let’s say you have 3 options, A, B, C, options to choose from. And they’re all equally valid options.

How Do you decide?

Lock in with courage and clarity, here’s the third option that I learn from a good friend of mine.

It’s called the “consider box”.

It’s a way to “free” your mental and nervous capacity so you can process on your choices.

The consider box allows you to choose one option and to allows you to “store” the two other choices unto a “consider box”.

If you choose, let’s say option B- you would store A, and C into the consider box.

Meaning as you moved forward with your option B, you will always have a time to come back and look at B, C as viable options.

This trick is a way to “trick” our subconscious mind. Especially for people that wants to keep their options open as we discussed in the beginning.

In a way, the power of constricting is helpful in those instances.

To go deeper, we need to “limit” our options.  It might seem contradictory, but not really if you analyze it.

To manifest faster, “limiting” our options is like focusing like a laser beam- Like the power of condensation is what brings the rain. The tighter the pressure, the most likely brings the rain.

That is the maturity, the world class leader has awakened to.

They are balancing when to “restrict” their options and when to keep it open so they can get the optimal choice.

But the choice is simple.

Not deciding is deciding. To get out of that vicious cycle.

Make sure to build on the foundation of courage, clarity, and consider box. So, you can decide faster and create more impact sooner.

You can check the video here.

Exercise 2

I learned this from a friend and mentor of mine, Jeff Spencer who is an Olympian and coach to lot of peak performers.

This a triad for decision making. Jeff ‘s framework suggests asking yourself three questions.

  • Is it the right time to pursue this choice?

In other words, adding the time dimension is helping to weigh in about the primacy of the opportunities. Which one is more ripped to pursue?

  • Do I have the right skills to successfully engage in it?

This question allows you to gauge your skill level, your improvement and development plan

  • Can I handle the accountability if the outcome is not as I envisioned?

This question helps us clarify our ownership. To take full responsibility like I shared initially in the beginning.


I hope with these insights, this will help you practice your decisiveness skills and do not forget, the more you train it, the better you become.

Till next time,



We reviewed in the previous post How To Reach Faster Your Goals Through Your Past?  If you didn’t see it yet, you can check it out here.

Today, we’re going to review how to govern over our goals, projects, our dreams and lead the game with indomitable confidence…

If it sounds or feel like a bold promise, it is.


I’m going to do my part and share some personal perspectives with you “with confidence” just to illustrate the point of this blog.

I am confident that in the end of this sharing you will be able to understand on how to generate confidence at will when you need it.

How about that for a confident and bold promise?

Are you game?

If you’re ready for a ride, let’s jump in.

First off,

It’s very important to discern one key distinction about confidence.

Confidence is NOT Arrogance, and it is one of the major myth misunderstood concept out there.

What is the difference and the nuance between Arrogance and confidence?

Arrogance is always related to the ego and it has a sense of entitlement that comes from people associating with the past.

Arrogance is born from a false sense of superiority by comparing self to other people; this is why arrogance is limited at the ego level, because it is concerned with competing and comparing self to others; While confidence on the other hand has an expanded perspective because it is looking beyond self as we will understand soon.

Arrogance is framed from a relative “position” vantage point. For example, a prince who has inherited the title of “prince” because of his birth parents might feel arrogant toward a non-royal child because of society standards. Arrogance is not sustainable and not build on solid foundation, while confidence is timeless, and without boundaries as we will see later.

Another extrapolation to not confuse, is the far-right polarization of arrogance, or sometimes associated with being presumptuous, which is even worse than arrogance as it’s an empty sense of arrogance, in a way that it is purely based on a sense of entitlement and with lack of respect towards other.

Notice, Arrogance cannot exist by itself- Arrogance needs a company-  arrogance is always in context with someone.

Second major misunderstood myth about confidence is what I called the amateur confidence.

The amateur tie a direct correlation between confidence and performance, results or outcome achieved or attained. That’s a rookie move. Confidence comes from within and is not tied to our performance.

Not to alienate this popular believes that suggests that we build stronger confidence as we perform better. That’s the confidence built in the “alike” of the doubting Thomas who always claimed that

I’ll believe it when I see it first.

In fact, part of the human condition leads us to lean toward that kind of conditioning since birth.

We learn to develop confidence based on our previous actions; In many cases, based on our past behaviors and actions we are rewarded accordingly.  In a way we are trained to rely on “conditional confidence” based on our past behavior; Kind of “karmic” confidence;

Confidence is something that is NOT karmic, in fact that’s probably one of the only element that normalizes our lives on earth like death is for every human being.

Now, that we know what confidence is NOT, let’s learn about what confidence is all about.

Confidence comes from the Latin CON- fidere. The prefix “con” means “with”, while “fidere” means faith, trust; meaning confidence is derived from the meaning of moving with faith and trust.

It’s important to make a difference here, faith is not necessary here a “religious” or blind faith- rather a trust based on a reliability and on something that we can count on no matter what.

What that means?

Confidence, unlike arrogance (which is past based) is forward looking -based on trust.

What trust are we talking about?

It’s a trust based on an unfailing relationship-  that relationship is the covenant we have, before even our birth since the first heart beat we have in our mother womb- it’s the abiding relationship with life itself that’s beyond any circumstances, or any human beings.

Any master, any legend that you truly admire that built and develop an unshakable confidence had at some point the deep seeded belief- that no matter what their circumstances are, there is something within them that is bigger than their current circumstances.

Whether, it’s Thomas Edison creating the light bulb, Columbus daring the ocean, Steve Jobs chasing his dreams of being a business tycoon and making a “dent” in this universe, or a Michael Jordan excelling on basketball court… they all had one thing in common- they all new within that there’s something greater than what their circumstances were.

Confidence is built inside out- Not outside in unlike many amateurs suggest it.


Now let’s find out and see how we can develop that infallible confidence.

I’m going to pause here and I really hope you do this exercise (that might seem trivia), as this is something to be experienced, again and again, no matter how many times you’ve done it.

Let’s take a deep breathe right now.

As you are reading these lines. Could you please stop for 5 second and take a deep breathe?

Can you feel the air in your lung?

Please take another deep breath. three or four times if you can.

Now let me ask you the simple question, that breathe that you took, did you perform that breathe by yourself?

Were you mindful and present in those inhalation moment?

Did you feel this power that is with you that allows your heart to beat as well?

There is a power with you, as you feel your breath, or your heartbeat.

The truth is, no matter how you want to call it, Life energy or spirit or field or God, or no matter

your religious affiliation, that power is real beyond any circumstances, beyond any interpretation.

To simplify, why don’t we call that power as life itself?


Now, this is where you build within your unshakable confidence-with three principles that are undeniable.

If you prefer video, you can check it out here.

Number one-

Adhere to the principle without a doubt, that life given to you, precede any circumstance, organization, institution that there is.

The fact is that life in you- is relevant as long as you keep breathing, because that’s the definition of life itself in this case of utilitarian perspective. Life itself doesn’t have waste-

What is not used dies, or it’s supposed to grow.

Number two-

That brings me to the point about life itself- Life is always seeking to grow and expand. The seed grow from the ground to become a tree.

Life is always seeking to expand itself by definition or it will evolve and change its form.

Number three-

It’s trusting in that relationship with life, that as long as I breathe, as long as my heart beat,

I can trust life itself. It’s a covenant with something bigger than myself, or any other relationship we can experience as human being because it’s precede everything else.

That’s where true confidence is built. From within. It’s not something given to you, or based on “conditional results”.

Indomitable Confidence is build from the deliberate practice of understanding our relationship with life itself, that goes beyond any society norms, or standard, or results.

Moving forward with Confidence is then trusting on the relationship we have with life itself.

It’s acknowledging that there is, this power inside us, with us, by us and for us always at all times as long as we keep breathing and our heart is beating.

If one truly understands this principle and adhere to it. Life itself become a playground where you are here to develop and grow your capacity, so you can contribute.

With that, you can approach any game, any project, any goal with unshakable confidence- that no matter the outcome, you will crush it.

The video here is also explicit here.

Now I’m curious about you, Post below what you do to generate your confidence?

Till next Time,  This is Your Moment-DARE TO SHINE

How To Reach Faster Your 2018 Goals Through Your Past?

We reviewed in the previous post How To Ignite Your 2018 Vision With your Why?

If you didn’t see it yet, you can check it out here.

Today, we’re going to understand and review how to reach your goals faster through your past.

When you can change the memories of your past, you can move into a new future and by means of that you can elevate your vision for the future.

We’re going to discuss a powerful practice that has been shared in all cultures, traditions by many masters.

You might have guessed by now?


If not let me share with you a short story to illustrate this point.

When I was little boy in Africa growing up, In the tropical forest, I was very scared of a snake called green mamba. The green mamba has the reputation to kill people after between 30 minutes to 2 hours of its bite. I think I even developed a snake phobia because of the green mamba.

However, when I grew up I realized that the green mamba bite is not deadly but its venom is.

After the green mamba’s bite, the venom enters our bloodstream and if we don’t stop it on time, when it mixed itself to our bloodstream, it reaches our heart and lung and by mean of that- there’s asphyxia.

Why is that relevant to you?

Each of us has had hard moments in the past, and most of the time we hold to the energy of those moments as we feel victim or we feel that we’ve been wronged and we cannot change anything.

Ultimately, there’s one thing we’ve all heard about and know about but not of all us know it’s true power of   The power of Forgiveness

To Forgive means to exchange and give your old perception for a new perception.

The general paradigm is that most people believe that we are supposed to forgive because of our religious affiliation or anything like that, but here, I want to share why we NEED to forgive for our own sake so we can claim our power back and redeem ourselves regardless of the action, or the event.

Similarly, the event or the snake bite doesn’t kill or make us stuck from our past-but it’s us holding ourselves unto our own perception and interpretation of the events. So that’s why we want to release that perception, whatever that is, that is Not helping, we need to release it so that, it doesn’t infect our blood like the venom.

Let us review together and understand the phenomenon of holding on to the blockages of the past. Here the video with deeper explanation.

For the most part, there are two levels where people hold onto the energies of the past.

For one, if we‘re in relationship, there will be miscommunication, and betrayals, and so much more.

That comes from the feeling of being hurt- where we feel that- we’ve been wronged in some way, shape or form. We feel frustrated, angry then, toward that person, sometimes it elevates to resentment, blame.

That happens to all of us.

Here’s what to be aware of at that point- we are stuck in that energy.

We are turning around and circling into that circular energy that is toxic like the venom of the green mamba.

Just to bring it to consciousness-we are without doubt in the victim energy when we feel wronged, hurt, or resentful – In that victim energy we’re NOT resourceful and we are holding ourselves back.

This is when forgiveness is needed; very simple, it doesn’t change the event, but in forgiving you are creating a new relationship with what happened with the event and therefore you are creating a new relationship with your past.

You are giving away that old perception for a new perception-  you are redeeming yourself.

Forgiveness is an act of redemption.

According to the merriam webster dictionary to redeem means to change for the better-modification of Latin redimere, from re-, red- re- + emere to take, buy

: to free from what distresses or harms: such as

a : to free from captivity by payment of ransom

b : to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental

c : to release from blame or debt : clear

d : to free from the consequences of sin

Forgiveness is allowing you to start a new.

So, the question becomes what are you redeeming and what are you buying back?

By releasing that stuck energy, you are renewing yourself, by giving that old perception for the new-  you are redeeming yourself.

In that sense-Forgiveness makes all things new.

It’s NOT whether or not, we should forgive or not- the real question is to understand that it’s a principle and a fact.  Like gravity, you can pretend to ignore it or you can acknowledge it and use it to your advantage, own it yourself and claim it.

Just in case you find yourself saying that you do NOT need to forgive, or that you don’t have any trauma from the past, I would like to caution you that as long as you’ve had interaction with human beings you would need to include this practice as something frequent enough.

Why this matter to you?

Without forgiveness we get trapped with dark energies that keep us fixed and make more matter like. The more focus we are on those dark energies the “heavier”; the more matter we are and the harder it is move for our future visions or goals.

The lighter you are, the faster you can move while when we are on the blame and Victim vibration, we are focused and more particles like as in matter:  because we are focus on one thing- me, myself and I.

When you forgive you are expanding your core vision-  you come to change the perception that what happened is bigger than your ego.

In that way you are expanding your vision, your energy field.

Let me repeat this- Forgiving doesn’t delete the past, but forgiving will heal you and allow you to create the future all new again.

The second way that we get stuck in the past, is when we were expecting some events to occur, some goals to be met, but they didn’t happen and we get disappointed.

This event necessarily wouldn’t have to have someone involved, it could have been a goal you wanted to achieve that you didn’t accomplish; so you get disappointed; or sometimes we get to blame ourselves- By feeling guilty into something we were expecting to be able to do but that we didn’t do -so we get into this negative circle.

In fact, so many successes are being self-sabotages because of these energies of self-doubt, blame, guilt, which flow into worthiness and self-esteem later on.

Regardless of the emotion, the reality is this-


You cannot change the event that happened but as you learn to forgive, you are creating a new relationship with the event and your past.

As you create that new perception from your past, you are simultaneously creating a new relationship with the past, and from that you are transforming the energy associated to that event, and as you do that, you are changing yourself and you are freeing yourself to build your future anew again.

When you forgive what you cannot forget -It creates a “new” way to remember- And from that act you are allowing yourself to change your perception relative to the event-

That’s where wisdom is built-we change the emotional charge of the memories of our past and through that we are moving into a new future.

How do we that in reality?

Step 1-Realise that events do not define you.

You cannot give your emotional energy to that event anymore.

When you are angry or resentful toward someone/something, you are giving part of your life to that person.

Ask yourself if that person merit your attention and your whole spirit enough in such a way that you are willing to waste part of your life in that non- resourceful energy of victimhood, angst, accusation, blame.

That same question can be asked if it was guilt or blame.

The younger you, or the less wise you (that has grown and know better now)- does it deserve that you waste your time in trying to correct it?

Just pause and acknowledge and say- I AM SORRY.

Step2- you can decide who you’re going to be and how you’re going to be.

When you forgive, you are claiming the freedom and the authority that you are more than any event, circumstances or anybody actions toward you. You are claiming your wholeness.

In that space, what turns the energy is you asking the question: what can I learn from this?

What capacity can I develop with what happened?

Every one of us has had hard things in our lives, the power of forgiveness liberates us from those hard things, it doesn’t change what happened to us, but forgiveness allows us to transmute the relationship to what occurred to us and by means of that we increased our capacity to hold more, be more and have more and do more, and then we are elevated and finally we are freed.

It’s a way of bringing healing to any part of us that is out of alignment.

As I was reflecting on the redemptive power of this practice, I got reminded of a practice that I had used years ago and it did help me- and it’s in regard to Self-forgiveness-

It’s also a practice called ho’oponopono- that is very powerful. A four-step process.

By repeating a mantra- I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

It’s a practice that is powerful as well.

Basically- it was a self-cleansing and connection to the bigger you. I added some context

I’m sorry it wasn’t my intent to harm you or punish you,

I didn’t know any better -Please forgive me,

I love you from all my heart.

Thank you for allowing me to notice-

I wanted to quickly provide couple more resources

Another preeminent teacher that helped healed many people is Byron Katie– her process is called

“The Work”.

Specifically. The Work is a way of identifying and questioning any stressful thought. It consists of four questions and a turnaround.

 The four questions are:

1-Is it true?

2-Can you absolutely know that it’s true?

3-How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4-Who would you be without the thought?

The next step of The Work, the turnaround, is a way of experiencing the opposite of what you have believed.

Another teacher, that has helped thousands is Hale Dwoskin(who learned with Lester Levenson) through the Sedona Method.

From their own words-

“There are three ways to approach the process of releasing, and they all lead to the same result: liberating your natural ability to let go of any unwanted emotion on the spot, and allowing some of the suppressed energy in your subconscious to dissipate.

The first way is by choosing to let go of the unwanted feeling. The second way is to welcome the feeling, to allow the emotion just to be. The third way is to dive into the very core of the emotion.”

Stay tuned next  week, we’ll be learning with another powerful practice that can free you to the next level as you work toward achieving your vision.

Now you can just go and enjoy the live version .



How To Amplify Your 2018 Vision?

Last week we discussed the importance to review and validate our vision despite the gifts of challenges that would come our way. If you didn’t get a chance to see it  go here, we got great feedback.

Today we’ll discuss how to amplify the vision we are developing and why that matters to you in getting the results you are seeking.

To insist again on the element, we discussed two weeks ago- the importance of clarity in our vision.

Let me share a different perspective on clarity.


The clarity element is important if we look at our thoughts, ideas, intention and even ourselves as electromagnetic broadcaster field.

It’s not a secret that some specialized bio labs are able to measure the energy around our body itself, or put it blunt simple-

Haven’t you experienced interferences sometimes with electric wires?

We are emitting field of energies even though it’s not visible to the naked eye.

Why is that information relevant again?

It’s important to remind ourselves of this on a day/day basis because each frequency dictates different energies that we tune into and therefore provide different results. Like a radio receiver-emitter tune into different channel based on the frequency we choose.

Now let’s dig deeper into the amplification part.

So, if we understand the concept describe above, we understand that the clearer a vision is, the more focus it can become.

Now let’s dig into my favorite part, to make something clear means to make something understandable.

To make understandable to what?  To our subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind doesn’t recognize the difference between a fact and a vision. It’s like a matrix it takes the form that we impress upon it.  That’s why sometimes our dream feel so real while we’re asleep and that our conscious mind is asleep that it’s important to understand and pause on our subconscious mind.

In our case here, as discussed into an earlier post, our brain has what is called the RAS or reticular activating system (which allow us to pay attention to something that matter to us)- for example when you buy a new car you see it everywhere for some reasons- It’s not that more car are in the market all of the sudden the very next day, it just that your brain is paying more attention to it because it’s something that matters to you.

Also in those vein, our conscious mind is the CEO of our brain but it cannot store a lot of information for us to act on, that’s why lot of information are stored into the subconscious mind (like our abilities to walk etc..) are all encoded into us for us to be “unconsciously competent”..

Since our subconscious mind would play a major role in helping us “unconsciously” while we even sleep to get our vision amplified it’s important we understand what language the subconscious mind speaks.

The conscious mind is our rational mind while the subconscious mind is our Emotional Mind.

You can check the video option more detail here.

The subconscious speaks the language of emotions.

One of the fastest way to trigger emotion is through pictures (whether internal or external).

Is your vision well defined in such a way that you can picture yourself into doing, having, or being it?

The more specific you can be the more power to you.

As yourself the questions.

What do I want to experience? What do I want to do ?

What do I want to have?

Why do you want to have? To do?

Who do I want to experience with?

When do I want this to happen?

The idea of the question above here is to help you get clarity on your outcome.


Hopefully the two quotes below help you dig further.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

“The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New.”Socrates.

Second step

As we get clear on our outcome, the next step is to pay attention to what’s working.

What am feeling?  How is my emotional level?  What results am I getting?

We got to be aware of our internal state, how you are feeling at any given time- because an emotion is a matrix of sensation in the body on which we attach label to.

The secret to remember is that emotions are on-off switches-  in other words we either feel the emotion or we don’t. We are either associated to it or we are disassociated.

On top being clear on the pictures (internal or external), the tonality of our internal dialogue also can help amplify the emotion we are seeking. WHEN WE TALK TO OURSELVES, we talk to our head, with a tone voices, which varies from place to place and time to times.

So to amplify your vision, clarify the pictures and spiced up the emotions… that will lead us to the next step that will discuss next week.  Step into your why-

Why this vision is important to you?

I’ll share with you a great resource as well for people that want to deepen their clarity.

Please post below your comments

Are you ready?

This is Your Moment & Dare To Shine

PS:Don’t forget if you prefer video,right here- reader’s digest summary just 10 minutes.



The  First best kept secret is to have the best insurance against it…jan28pic1

We were supposed to review how to amplify our vision and dreams this week and I got knock down by a bad flu which is why this is getting to you later this week than usually… and guess what?

I realized that it’s third week of January almost last week of January that’s about when according to statistics a lot of people give up on their news year resolution.

So, I figure this was the best gift that life and nature threw at me… why not share some of the ninja mind tricks of the legends.


That’s our topic this week

One thing that any success, dream building, vision achieving, have in common is setbacks, obstacles, or sometimes confused by some as “failures” that in the end of this section- I hope we will agree to put that word in the closet and evolve our lexicon.

Since It’s an important part of it, hope you are okay for us to discuss that this week.

I briefly discuss touch upon this in a different context month ago here… (CHAMPIONS ARE MASTERS AT FAILING FORWARD).

In fact, IF there was a skill that create the huge divide between the average and the legends it’s this:

Now you might have heard about what I just shared or maybe a version of it… But I’m sharing in today’s video, is a different vantage point that is more holistic whether you are a high performer, agnostic, scientist, marketers or any field.

It’s very simple- In my accounts- I like to start with one of my all-time favorite ninja -Jedi mind trick quote-“World class understand that “failure” are just learning steps towards their desire results.”

In fact, the word failure doesn’t exist in their mind-it’s all feedback, learning toward their ultimate goals.

If there’s something that cannot be substituted with anything in champions, it’s this aptitude they have developed.

They have embraced the word “fail forward”. In fact, the smartest ones, fail fast so they can get over that phase or stage of development.

Every Adversity carries with it the seeds equal of a greater benefit- Napoleon Hill.

This was democratized in think and grow rich over eighty years ago.

The reason I like this quote is because, it’s the root of many studies in many fields we see today (sport psychology, social sciences, high performance, organization behaviors etc.…), validating this somehow seemingly simplistic or philosophical view of transmuting adversity into winning rather I want to emphasize indeed the power of the potency of the quote for the initiates one.

Let’s dig deeper and fast forward 2006 well know and renown Ph D. researcher Carol Dweck from Stanford University wrote an award-winning book for “parenting-business-relationship-school” called Mindset, The New psychology of success “How we can learn to fulfill our potential” …

In this book that I highly recommend, she discusses her findings- in the end she “finds” that there are two mindsets- the one that drives to excellence and the one that impedes it (especially since childhood).

The good news in her findings is that the success mindset can be trained. Or the way she called it is the Growth mindset which is in opposite is the “fixed” mindset.

Fixed mindset is a less flexible approach to project, execution while it’s been encoded in this mindset, lot deterministic beliefs that are reflected in behaviors like you have such talent for this, you are so good at this and so on and so forth-That seemingly encouraging reinforcements to our children can be impeding in the long run because the “individual” identity is being pushed. That become a real challenge when for example the child grows up and wakes up and realized that “realities/results” is Not matching up the earlier programing; results are damaging. The adult or child self-confidence goes down and the less effort is exercised by that person.

While in the opposite the growth mindset praises the effort; praise the opportunity for standing up and trying again- in the end that child, that organization has fostered a winning formula for life and template that would last generations and decade to follow.

This is high level summary of that book, but I do hope you buy and read it as she has many studies and experiments that goes beyond my point here.

This book couldn’t codify better Napoleon Hill paradigm,

It’s all about learning.

In fact, let me take a bigger step and say in a bolder way- (as it is the theme that I’m stepping into this year).  “No One is ever defeated until the time you accept defeat as result.”


This is not philosophy or psychology but a bold proposition rooted more toward the next point I want to make. When one succumbs to defeat, in my mind it’s a blasphemy to life itself.

Let’s pause here for a second -Take deep breathe- another one

Could you feel the oxygen running into your lungs?

No one on earth has given you that power- So for that reason- no human definition can supersede the idea that you are a winner already with that breathe and life in you- As far I see, no one is failure, no acts or behavior can define your being as a failure.

Now, please don’t quote me wrong-As a high performer, I’m NOT advocating complacency, but rather an inherent confidence builder in knowing that as long there’s any life on earth still in us no matter the age, the circumstances we still have that power that Napoleon Hill talks about to transmute any adversity into a winning situation if we look for those seeds.

In other words, any setback is just another step to your next level.

In fact, I’m not even sure we should use the word setbacks. That means we are looking at results in a linear way or into a Newtonian model based reality of the world, which works for a materialistic limited vantage point of the world.

But with quantum physics breakthrough we now understand the non-deterministic model of the world- success is NOT linear.

Every step is just another opportunity to get better.

Let’s put it this way, as shared earlier, to grow muscle and get stronger, we need to use weight “against” our muscle so they can grow stronger.

I called it the growth paradox ™- which I explain to my clients in more depth. It’s a language use by life itself for us to assert which that we want to create.

If we could instantly create with any thought, fear, we had in mind, the world would be crowded and it would be a crazy jungle to live in maybe, as our childhood fear mixed with some adults wants would coexist. That’s a fantasy that is up for a grab for our next evolution as we master to use our attention and intention properly.

Let’s face it…Most of us cannot control our own mindshare with today’s attention-grabbing economy. So, if we could master our mindshare and influence ourselves our realities would be much different.

As we learn to exercise the power for life given to us- which is META COGNITION, we learn to transmute adversity into winning step (Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks).

Without going into the deeper rabbit hole- I want to end with this.


Failures are stepping stones that build us into believing more into ourselves. The experiences,

The trial and tribulations are helping us to get clear into what matter to us.


Until we become clear about what matter to us, we won’t know what is the “end” game.

Knowing that end game is the ultimate game changer. If you enjoyed the reading here, feel free to check the video where I share a slight different angle here.

Next week we will dig deeper on how to amplify the vision.


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