How the legend performers and the champions win without competing?

The root word of competition comes from “competere” in latin, which means “to seek together”.

The word competition in its true meaning stand for “to work together” to improve each other- but NOT to “kill” each other. Unfortunately, a lot of people have misunderstood the meaning of “competition” and have confused the meaning of competing to being combative which is closer to the fittest of the survivals.

The true legends that dwarf and make a dent in their industry, goes beyond that plane and level of the average understanding of competition. They understand ultimately the old advice of Socrates

 “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not in fighting the old, but in building the new.”


A combative mind is focus on the ego and is limited.

On the other hand, the creative mind is in harmony with the bigger “you” and in flow with the natural state of the universe. Which is infinite and abundant.

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The great ones understand and adhere to the principle that life is always seeking greater, and fuller expression of itself.



To land the plane, the best example is the automobile industry history or creation from Henry Ford in the late 1800 early 1900’s. Henry Ford when asked said this: “if I had asked the customer what they wanted – they would have said a “faster” horse not the automobile.”

The insights of Henry Ford lie on this principle below according to R Buckminster Fuller.

You Never Change things by fighting the existing reality. To Change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

If Henry Ford didn’t think beyond the “competition”, his level playing field would have been let’s train faster horses. Instead he brought into existence something more reliable, faster than the horses.

Now whether in sport or business, any titans that we all admire have used this principle that I’m codifying here.

When you look at a Michael Jordan in Basketball in his prime or a Pele in Soccer, what made each of them outstanding is clearly their ability to create beyond themselves. They created at a different plane and a total new category that redefined the old paradigm in their field.

Amateur performers rest in the plane of “tic-tac” or fallacy definition of “competition”.

In other words, the number two imitate the number one and try to either do it faster, cheaper, or stronger. That’s an old model of the world.

That model might work, but IT is NOT effortless, and it has a price tag that is NOT optimal and can  for sure be improved.

Just to be nerdy a bit if you don’t mind- let’s look at the power of understanding higher models.

If you want to watch the full nuances you can see it in this channel.

In other words, for example if you were tasked to show people the fastest way to reach the number twenty-five (given that you have five set of numbers “5”).

Clearly you have many options.


A second grader would probably select all 5 set of the “5” and use addition like (five plus five plus five plus five plus five equals twenty 25 e.g. 5+5+5+5+5  equals 25).

A fifth grader that is familiar with a higher mathematical model could choose multiplication and choose just two sets of “5” to make it twenty-five e.g. 5*5 equals 25

A senior in High school could choose just one set of five. By using the mathematical operation power.

Five powers 2 equal 25… 5ⁿ or 5 square 2 equals

As you can see all three of them are correct in getting the same results, but obviously the high school student has a higher knowing and mastery of the models.

It is not different when it comes to human performance, solving problems, leadership or creating a new reality.

The old model of competition is what the average performers are familiar with-

It is based on scarcity and the Newtonian model of the world, which describes the principles of physics that most of us learn in high school- For every action there’s an equal reaction.

That law is true just like addition makes sense above.

So, what is the higher model here then?

It’s the quantum physics model of the world that Albert Einstein has developed.

The basis of that model is the duality of particles/matters and wave like pattern of our realities, where any three dimensions “reality” is abstract.

Yes, quantum physics teaches us that particles are pocket of probabilities or that an observation is a collapsed “probabilities” of a wave pattern like.

To keep it simple the maestro Albert Einstein says it in a plain English by his famous quote.

Albert Einstein “problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking than they were created at”.

The idea is that – everything is connected- for every action there is reaction but at the same time it’s all one; that understanding make you aware that it’s NOT a “fight” one against the other but rather all in one. That level of understanding makes one realized that in the end if you are not aware, you might be fighting yourself.

Why is that relevant?

It matters because what that mean is that it’s all about transformation and at the same time conservation of energy.

That’s what quantum physics brings to the table, that conservation of the energy systems (E=MC2), is really a statement that it’s all about transformation because everything is connected.


That’s the exciting news with quantum physics if one grasp it- we’re not separated, we’re all connected. Which means it’s all about learning how to transform.

In fact, that’s why I love Judo (the martial art I have done for so many years). It’s called the gentle way because it applies this principle of minimum effort for maximum yield (I have discussed that principle amply here in the past in this post).

It’s all about transforming that energy. For example, if someone pushes in Judo, you don’t push back, you use that as leverage, and same idea when someone pull you, you follow through and utilize that energy.

Now you probably might say enough, that you get it and how to do it?

Here are three easy steps on how to do it.

Step 1: Understand and study your field, your industry. Meaning what are the trends? What can you anticipate.

Step2: You need to know what is your unique genius? What is your X -factor?

Step3: You need to elevate your level of thinking- this is where the transformation happens.

For example, in Soccer- Lionel Messi- who is right now one the best player of his generation how can he elevate his thinking?

Level 1- Messi can think of his immediate goal which is to score goals for Barcelona so he can make his salary goals. That level of thinking will yield a level one performance.

Level 2- Messi can think of his performance as if he was scoring for the Barcelona fans. And winning for their fans. That level of thinking will yield a level two performance. Obviously, it’s going drive Messi to go beyond himself and his personal constraint.

Level 3– Messi can think of his performance as if he was performing to motivate more people to be soccer fans and soccer lover. That level of thinking will yield a level three performance. Obviously, it’s going drive Messi to go beyond even more.

Level 4-Messi can think of his performance as if he was performing to inspire anybody watching him play to be their very best and inspire excellence in their arts and in their crafts.

That level of thinking will yield a level four performance. Obviously, it’s going drive Messi to go beyond even further.

As you can see all these four levels are example about the same performer who is thinking at different levels.

What is clear the power generated by Messi at level 1 is NOT the same as the level 4 of Messi.

That’s the big secret that legends performers or icon perform at; some of them without knowing about it as it was part of their “standards”.

When you think at that level, the only outcome is creation, because you are connected to the field, to something bigger than yourself on top of using your unique genius.

This is how champions are trailblazing their fields.

This is how they become Number one in their fields without “competing”, as they are really creating for the greater good.

Then if you want to win and have a team, foster an environment where people can freely create.

If you are sole provider create that environment within yourself by following these three steps.

Do not forget, the highest form of competition is Creation.

Check the video here.

Please comment below on what are your thoughts ?

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