There are differences in results many times when we compare legend performers versus the average performers or the mediocre ones.

Sometimes, we can point out to many different factors even internally.

Today we’ll discuss one factor that is overlook BUT that is the fundamental factor that separate world class with average performers.

Before we move further, let’s pause here for a minute and take a deep breathe.

Can you think about, what you were just thinking about the same moment when you read my request about taking a deep breathe?

What was the thought you just had?

Was it like come on, Soul what is your point?

Or were you curious?

Regardless of your thoughts, what I wanted to highlight, is that unique gift underutilized we have as human being-It’s the skill of METACOGNITION.


Before we dig further and see why and how world class leverage it.

I wanted to quickly remind you of last week blog and video what we discussed- How can you embrace challenges and problems so they can serve you to go to your next level of performance?

Coming back to today’s topic. You can check this week video as well here.

What is the one skill that allows legend performers to excel in their field beyond any norm?

They have learned to master the skill of metacognition.

Let’s take a high-level view first, to put this in context, as most of us take this for granted.

The first perspective is to look at our surroundings, as human species, we have different kingdom that co-exist with our human race; including the vegetation kingdom with is made of anything that constitute plants, trees etc.… there’s also the animal kingdom within which we can identify different type (from reptiles, all the way to the mammal animal (like cows) and families like Monkey which are all closer to us. The monkey family that is closer to us is classified as Homo Sapiens…

A quick reminder of that classification is reminding us of the level of “awareness” or intelligence that exist within those different species. Those level of “intelligence” is what allowed them to “control” their environment and be more causal than effect and reactive. Homo which is referring to Human is knowledgeable and aware in sapiens.

Now We human being are Homo Sapiens Sapiens. In a way, we know that we know.

We can think about, what we were thinking about.

I never paid attention to that skill in my anthropology class in high school.

But now I truly understand the value of it and to take it further, the world class performers leverage that skill.

Now how is this skill leverage by world class?

As you think about what you were thinking about, within the same bleep of a moment, you tap into your ultimate power -the sacred moment of deliberate choice.

It’s that “sacred moment” that Viktor Frankl called the last frontier of human freedom in his book man search for meaning.

That moment exists within us, and most importantly that moment is for us at any given moment as long as we breathe and have life in us.

The masters have learned to tap into that moment most often than the average performers.

How is that so?

When you can pause, and be present to what have been thinking, you can influence, and DECIDE, if the thoughts you just had are serving you, or harming you.

What you were just thinking about, it is empowering you to move forward or it is constraining and limiting you?  

Being aware of that moment allow you to guide your focus-

As you guide your focus, you guide what you feel, as you guide what you feel you guide your energy, as you guide your energy, you guide your actions, as you guide your actions, you influence your results.

You might have heard a different version of what I’m sharing here, but what I wanted to point out MOST IMPORTANTLY here, is that all this start with the meta-cognition gift we all have.

Being aware of that gift is the first step, to be accountable and know that anybody can exercise that skill.

A fundamental law of nature that exist at all levels is this “what we don’t use, we lose; what we don’t exercise is hard to build etc.…

So, the skill of meta-cognition is a skill that the legend performers rely on and train on a moment-moment basis, not because they are special or have innate talents, but because they are present to those moments.

Those moments when you sum it up, become the defining moments of winning the gold in the Olympics ten or fifteen years down the road versus that young person choosing a more dramatic route ten or fifteen years later.

 How can you deliberately train that skill?

Use your watch, to remind yourself every hour-

Pause- Think about what you are thinking about.

Then as you get better, drop that interval time to 30 minutes, then 15 minutes, until it starts becoming a habit.

Hope this makes sense and serves you.

I’m curious to hear your feedback. Please Go below and please comment.

Till next Time, Dare To Shine.

if you prefer video- Check it out here.


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