One of the best fuel for high performance is enthusiasm.

Champions, rely on enthusiasm as an octane fuel.

The reason why world class are magnetic and that people want to be around them is their enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm stem from the Greek word “in Theo” – in God.   Alive from the creator.

Enthusiasm energy is contagious because the champions are acting at higher level of energy.

Champions see life as a game where you got to play full out to the best of your ability till the heart stop beating.

With enthusiasm, champions are willing to put a lot in the line and at risk, while the average performers are sometimes just spectators and watch on the sideline.

Enthusiasm brings high level of engagement to the world class, while the average performer is still hesitating and doubting.

Action tip for today: Look at your top 2-3 goals. What is your level of enthusiasm in these goals?

If the enthusiasm level is low, go ahead and figure out if there’s an area where you could raise the enthusiasm.

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