Champions optimize their love for what they do.

It appears that the champions fell into lottery winners when it comes to performing and loving what they do.

The reality is that champions and the world best, learn to follow the vein of gold when it comes to optimizing and loving what they do.

It’s not a chance that champions love what they do; while the average performer seems to be falling into whatever the wind brings to them.

Champions have developed filters that allow them to learn and decipher what they do.

Since they know about themselves, they learn what to appreciate, what to refuse, what to say “No” to, what make them tick etc.…

They focus on those nuggets and develop them further. As they focus on what they love,

that love expands into expertise, because naturally, what we focus on expand.

As they love what they do, they spend more time studying, training, practicing on their crafts.

Which make them experts and appreciated.

Action tip, look at your goals or some of the milestones you have to do- Is there an area you think you can improve on? If yes?

Why? Do you love that area?

If you don’t, is there an opportunity that you could appreciate some areas that will impact your overall performance?

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