IF there was a skill that create the huge divide between the average and the legends it’s this:

World class understand that “failures” are just learning steps towards their desired results.

In fact, the word failure doesn’t exist in their mind-it’s all feedback, learning toward their ultimate goals.

If there’s something that cannot be substituted with anything in champions, it’s this aptitude they have developed.

They have embraced the word “fail forward”. In fact, the smartest ones, fail fast so they can get over that phase or stage of development.

That’s an experimentation phase.

The fallacy that we should succeed right of the gate is an illusion that’s been created through some subcultures using the concept of prodigy, or word like “talent”.

It’s true we all have predispositions and natural tendencies, But the real truth is that even with even with these talents, one can just get the spark to get started. Talent alone cannot sustain long term anyone.

So learning to bounce back, or learning to “learn” is a “NECESSARY” skill to develop and even to build within our practices.

Champions have that built in like a muscle in their way of doing anything.

What is the feedback? What did I learn here? What can I improve here?

The subtle difference creates a huge divide between the greatest and the average performers

This is why- the average performers are thinking and performing on how to NOT make mistake? On how to Not fail, versus the champions are focus on how to make it happen.

That focus seems similar, BUT HUGE difference for the simple fact.

When you compete to win, you are offensive, outgoing, you are “creative” and expansive versus when you compete Not to lose you are contracted, defensive and acting from fear based lens.

Acting from the fail forward based thinking is an abundance thinking mentality and it rewards are infinite, because the champions understand that the world is abundant and the champions will ask what they want and not be restricted.

Today’s action tip. Are you acting from Not losing or you are moving forward as how can I fail fast so I can learn and move on?

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