Those are the words of the legendary Boxer Muhamed Ali, when he was on his way to claim the throne of being the world champion.

It seems arrogant some people would say, maybe confidence some might say, or even “prophetic” for his devotees’ fans; the reality is no matter how you look at it, these were self-proclamation, incantation or affirmation from the greatest.

Incantation are the best way to improve your self-talk.

The average performer think that it is not necessary or it’s too new age, but science has proven the power of our subconscious in performance.

This is relevant because no matter who you are we do have some moment of self-doubts, hesitations, downtime and more. Self-talk is happening all the time no matter if you are conscious of it or not.

The real question is whether we are monitoring or not.

The world class do monitor it. Day in day out.

That’s how they are able to control that constant internal chatter. They leverage it as a strength.

Key question. Are you monitoring your self-talk?

Action tip: Look at your goals/dream; what is your self-talk towards these objectives?


Average performers perform the most from a place of fear, while the legends perform from the place of love.

You’ve probably heard that human being are driven and motivated by two things-

We run away from fear and we run towards pleasure.

Have you seen performers that have had performance like a yo-yo?

What means is that most of the time, besides the lack clarity on their why’s,

For the most part when you peel back the onion it boils down to the deepest why-

Fear to no lose or fear to not be poor is what drives those performers.

The difference is that the legends, that outlast everybody are coming from a place of love.

Meaning they go beyond themselves.

They perform for love and with love, beyond themselves.

That’s is constant pull that keep them at the sustainable high level.

Ask yourself about your dreams and goals: Are you acting out of fear or love?


It’s a myth that champions fight their fears or that they don’t have fears; even more, it’s an illusion for average performers to avoid their fears- The ultimate solution is to dance with the fears, so that it can be tamed.


A lot of literature highlight the fact that FEAR is false evidence appearing real, or that we should fight our fears. That strategy seems better when compared to the average performers who hide away from their fears and stay paralyzed with no actions, but it’s still not optimal.

The reality is that fear is a natural phenomenon for our survival; which means it’s natural and so therefore needs not to be denied but “optimized”.

How do you do that?

The first thing would be to acknowledge the natural aspect of it; Which gives champions the opportunity to be grounded.

In that grounding the champions find and anchored themselves into being present in the moment.

The idea is to acknowledge fear so it doesn’t have power over you. In fact, In my bestselling book

 “The Winning Way that I co-wrote with Brian Tracy and colleagues” give a tip on how to cope with fear by just bringing it to our awareness and identifying.

When in it’s your skin and in your face, what’ s left is to own it and dance with it.

As we all agreed, avoiding it, is like playing ostrich which doesn’t help long term.

So don’t be afraid to be a dancer.


One of the outlook that makes the greatest legendary is their ability to manage this duality.

They understand their power through the free will we have as human, and at the same time they embrace the limitations of their humanity.

Unlike many average performers who think, it’s one or the other, the champions get their strength and power from both complementary source of power.

Understanding the power of free will, and the ability to influence one own actions give a tremendous leverage to the world class. They understand, they are the master of their fate and the captain of their destiny.

They understand that their decisions, guide their directions, which then determine their destination or their destiny. Every performance is within the champions control, because they have fully understood the power of “intent”.

On the other hand, what makes the legends so attractive and inspiring to all of us, is their ability to balance and to receive; their humility towards life itself is reverend and refreshing.

The champions are realistic enough that they understand the limitations of the human mind and acknowledge the source of a higher power or authority that govern things like our heart beat, our breathe, or life itself; regardless of how you want to call it, the greatest have the knack to balance these two sources.

Different traditions have described this differently based on the situation.

Whether it is keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the star, or the yin and the yang, or even the ebb and flow, the masters of this world have captured this wisdom in many ways.

The champions have transcended this wisdom in on their daily realities, and most importantly they have transformed their productivity, performance and results that make them legendary.

Action tip today- Looking at your dreams and goals.

Do you show that balance?


IF there was a skill that create the huge divide between the average and the legends it’s this:

World class understand that “failures” are just learning steps towards their desired results.

In fact, the word failure doesn’t exist in their mind-it’s all feedback, learning toward their ultimate goals.

If there’s something that cannot be substituted with anything in champions, it’s this aptitude they have developed.

They have embraced the word “fail forward”. In fact, the smartest ones, fail fast so they can get over that phase or stage of development.

That’s an experimentation phase.

The fallacy that we should succeed right of the gate is an illusion that’s been created through some subcultures using the concept of prodigy, or word like “talent”.

It’s true we all have predispositions and natural tendencies, But the real truth is that even with even with these talents, one can just get the spark to get started. Talent alone cannot sustain long term anyone.

So learning to bounce back, or learning to “learn” is a “NECESSARY” skill to develop and even to build within our practices.

Champions have that built in like a muscle in their way of doing anything.

What is the feedback? What did I learn here? What can I improve here?

The subtle difference creates a huge divide between the greatest and the average performers

This is why- the average performers are thinking and performing on how to NOT make mistake? On how to Not fail, versus the champions are focus on how to make it happen.

That focus seems similar, BUT HUGE difference for the simple fact.

When you compete to win, you are offensive, outgoing, you are “creative” and expansive versus when you compete Not to lose you are contracted, defensive and acting from fear based lens.

Acting from the fail forward based thinking is an abundance thinking mentality and it rewards are infinite, because the champions understand that the world is abundant and the champions will ask what they want and not be restricted.

Today’s action tip. Are you acting from Not losing or you are moving forward as how can I fail fast so I can learn and move on?


Champions understand that environment matters.

You’ve probably heard that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Another version is certainly your income is the average income of the five people you spend the most time with.

If you haven’t heard any of this, I’m sure an elder in your family while you were growing has always told you to watch who you hang out and watch your friends.

In case you thought this was urban legend,

I’m here to share that it’s not a myth, because science has proven this from many angles.

The best story that I like, is from Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former cell biologist from Stanford University, who spend years studying cells. From those findings he wrote an amazing book highly recommended for nay high performer called “Biology of beliefs”.

In that book Dr. Bruce Lipton findings and experiments shows that same cells under different environment, produce different proteins or structure.

As we’re formed of trillions of cells, the conclusion is very simple: The environment we’re in is very critical to our results.

As a world class, it’s important then to realize that what we surround ourselves with is important, whether it’s people, or just our natural habitat; because whether you realize it or not.

It does matter.

Champions understand that, so they make sure that their goals and dreams are shared with people that will support them.

The master mind is an example of this being applied in action.

Action tip is to look at your goals and dream and do you have any social support group?

If not, you need to create it.


Champions optimize their love for what they do.

It appears that the champions fell into lottery winners when it comes to performing and loving what they do.

The reality is that champions and the world best, learn to follow the vein of gold when it comes to optimizing and loving what they do.

It’s not a chance that champions love what they do; while the average performer seems to be falling into whatever the wind brings to them.

Champions have developed filters that allow them to learn and decipher what they do.

Since they know about themselves, they learn what to appreciate, what to refuse, what to say “No” to, what make them tick etc.…

They focus on those nuggets and develop them further. As they focus on what they love,

that love expands into expertise, because naturally, what we focus on expand.

As they love what they do, they spend more time studying, training, practicing on their crafts.

Which make them experts and appreciated.

Action tip, look at your goals or some of the milestones you have to do- Is there an area you think you can improve on? If yes?

Why? Do you love that area?

If you don’t, is there an opportunity that you could appreciate some areas that will impact your overall performance?


One of the best fuel for high performance is enthusiasm.

Champions, rely on enthusiasm as an octane fuel.

The reason why world class are magnetic and that people want to be around them is their enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm stem from the Greek word “in Theo” – in God.   Alive from the creator.

Enthusiasm energy is contagious because the champions are acting at higher level of energy.

Champions see life as a game where you got to play full out to the best of your ability till the heart stop beating.

With enthusiasm, champions are willing to put a lot in the line and at risk, while the average performers are sometimes just spectators and watch on the sideline.

Enthusiasm brings high level of engagement to the world class, while the average performer is still hesitating and doubting.

Action tip for today: Look at your top 2-3 goals. What is your level of enthusiasm in these goals?

If the enthusiasm level is low, go ahead and figure out if there’s an area where you could raise the enthusiasm.


One of the key motivational drive that is so overlooked from champions is that they are driven to perform beyond themselves.

Even tough initially sometimes they might be driven by significance sometimes as a spark, long term they are driven to build a legacy.

That is what make them the greatest. Pull to Perform beyond themselves. And yes it’s pull (NOT PUSH).

PULL is sustainable, PUSH is NOT.

The human spirit is built inherently to contribute and to take care beyond ourselves.

As any healthy parent will sacrifice beyond themselves for their children, the champions and the greatest perform with a pull that is beyond themselves; whether that pull is for an idea, a community, for a loved one, or for a country.

As it ingrained in us, (as mammal) even in the vegetarian space. You can see that cycle of “contribution”.

one tree giving life to multiple seeds, which breeds more tree and then which multiply itself with more seeds.

Similarly, more of life itself is always seeking expression through us.

This is why, when champions focus on legacy, their performance carries more weight and more potency.

So, For Today’s action tip,

Looking at your goals/dreams, ask yourself if you are looking beyond yourself.


High Expectation can be paralyzing or it can a driving force.

It paralyzes the average performers, while it reinvigorates the champions.

What’s the difference?

An expectation set by external forces is a pressure that is a push, which doesn’t have much long term usually paralyzed the average performers.

The Champions are driven within, and set intrinsically standards that lead to high expectations for themselves, which is a pull and has longer term effect.

I love the guidance from Tony Robbins when he says trade your expectations to appreciations.

The question is then, are those two perspective mutually exclusive?

Absolutely they are NOT.

Appreciation is an energetic pull that allows the performer to be grateful and be a “holistic” state.

Being and feeling “whole” is a state that centered the performers to compete at the highest level and while performing; when it’s game time, the performer need to feel whole and not in need.

However, what drives the champions is a pull to move forward and upward and that “next” level is set by a polarization for wanting to be more and becoming more.

So that north star is needed because it’s set by the expectations.

The key is that the champions do this by self-programing or by surrounding themselves with people that have higher expectations than them, which per osmosis help them elevate their expectations as well.

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